Bucharest Feis 2022 info

Bucharest Feis 2022

  Ultimele pregătiri pentru competiția noastră din acest weekend.
  Vă invităm sâmbătă, 15 octombrie, la competiția internațională de dans irlandez organizată de școala noastră. Suntem la a cincea ediție, prima după doi ani de pauză cauzată de pandemie. Evenimentul, numit Bucharest Feis, este unic în țară și în întreaga Europă de Sud-Est.
  Sunteți bineveniți în public oricând de-a lungul zilei de competiție, în intervalul orar 8:00 – 20:3 la Liceul Sportiv “Mircea Eliade”, Splaiul Independenței nr. 315-317, București, sala de lupte.
– Intrare: 40 de lei/persoană pentru întreaga zi.
Peste 130 de concurenți internaționali, dintre care peste 40 sunt români.

Școlile care participă în competiție:
🇸🇰 Avalon Academy of Irish Dance
🇧🇬 Cunningham Academy of Irish Dance
🇦🇹 Dodo Academy of Irish Dance
🇫🇷 Doyle School
🇩🇪 Driscoll School of Irish Dance
🇷🇸 Erin’s Fiddle
🇩🇪 Gabriell School Northern Germany
🇮🇹 Gens d’Ys Accademia Danze Irlandesi
🇩🇪 Halpin School of Irish Dance
🏳️ Independent dancers
🇸🇰 inSpiral Dance Company
🇷🇸 Irish Dance School Belgrade
🇺🇸 Leneghan Academy
🇧🇪 Marlynes Irish Dancers
🇦🇹 Rafter School of Irish Dancing Vienna
🇫🇷 Sarah Clark Academy
🇦🇹 Scoil Rince Fingal (SRF)
🇷🇴 STEYsha School of Irish Dance
🇩🇪 Sweeney McAvinchey MU
🇮🇹 Tara Dance Academy
Veniți să ne susțineți!

Show Dancing Workshop with Claire Greaney, TCRG

Show Dancing Workshop

  We are happy to announce that this year’s Bucharest Feis will be followed by a Show Dancing Workshop with the wonderful Claire Greaney, TCRG, 6 times World Champion and performer in the cast of “Trad on the Prom”.

  The workshop will take place on Sunday, October 16th 2022, at the STEYsha School of Irish Dance studio. The workshop has been granted Open Status by CLRG and it will be, in fact, open to dancers or any affiliation, be they CLRG or not. We wish to offer dancers the opportunity of developing their show dancing skills, as we know performing is such a big part of their Irish dance life. The workshop is open to children aged 6+, teens and adults, experienced beginners through championship level.

 For more information, feel free to visit the Open Workshop page.

Bucharest Feis 2022 Syllabus is out!

Bucharest Feis 2022

  Great news! Our syllabus has been approved! Make sure you save it and you share it with your dancers and dancing friends. Please note we have also been granted the Open Status by CLRG, so if you know of any dancers who are currently not under a CLRG-registered teacher, who might be interested in the opportunity, please pass on the information to them.
  As you know, Bucharest Feis is a very dancer-friendly event, we will be extremely happy to welcome back old friends and meet new ones.

Bucharest Feis 2019 Press Release

  Saturday, November 2nd 2019, we invite you to enter the world of Irish dance, a style highly appreciated by everyone, but rarely experienced upclose by the audience in Romania. Bucharest will host the fourth edition of the only international Irish dance competition in Romania and the South-East of Europe, organised by STEYsha School of Irish Dance.

  The competition will be held on Saturday, November 2nd 2019 between 08:00 – 19:00, in the big sports hall of Liceul Sportiv „Mircea Eliade”, on Splaiul Independentei nr. 315-317. Visitors are welcome anytime during the day, as entry to the venue is free.

  There will be 112 competitors from 17 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The competition will be judged by two adjudicators certified by the Irish Dance Commission in Dublin – CLRG: Francis Curley (Ireland) and Debbie Trainor (U.K.), and the music will be played live by the Irish Dance competition specialised musician, Zohra Coday (U.S.A./Ireland).

  The competition will be living proof of the variety of Irish Dance: the competitors are split into difficulty levels (from beginners through championship) and age groups (from 4 years old to 57 years old). They will show off their skills in numerous classic Irish dance competition sections, as well as in a few special ones: Transylvania Land-themed competition, where costumed dancers will interpret through dance their favourite Romanian folklore characters; Blind Hornpipe, where the judges will be facing away from the dancers and will score them solely on the musicality of their steps and Family Ceili, where dancing and non-dancing members of the same family can show off their skills together.

  For many of the dancers, Bucharest Feis will be an extra training before the European Championship for their qualifications to the World Irish Dancing Championship 2020. Event entry is free of charge for visitors, the venue holding over 70 seats in the audience and those who will wish to take advantage of the opportunity to register for an Irish Dance class will be able to do it while there.

  Bucharest Feis has the honour of the Irish Embassy in Romania’s support, as well as that of the Irish community in Bucharest.

  For media partnerships, interviews and pre/post event media materials, please contact us as soon as possible.