Bucharest Feis 2016

Welcome to Bucharest Feis 2018!

Bucharest Feis 2018 results are now online!

Dear Friends / A Chairde / Dragi prieteni,

Mara Cernat - TCRG

STEYsha School of Irish Dance would like to extend the warmest welcome to the third edition of Bucharest Feis, in the capital city of beautiful Romania and a historical step in the development of Irish Dance in the South-Eastern European area.

Our event will consist of Bucharest Feis on the Saturday - November 3rd and the Grade Examinations on the Sunday - November 4th, (to be held at our very homey studio on 39 Cameliei Str.) followed by a craic-filled ceilí party in one of our local Irish Pubs, where Irish and Romanian musicians of Irish music will perform live and everyone is invited to join in the fun and ceilí.

We are, once more, honoured by the support of His Excellency, Derek Feely, Ambassador of Ireland to Bucharest and Patrick Coleman, Deputy of Mission, who will be offering their good luck wishes to all competitors during the feis. Asociația Culturală Româno-Irlandeză together with Sound Division are once more supporting our event!

Oana Cernat Make-up Artist will be there to offer her professional feis make-up services, so feel free to book your flawless feis look through our website. We are working on bringing more services of interest to dancers, so please follow our Facebook page and website for updates on this matter. Coffee and soft drinks will be available through Z Coffee Bar and pass-time activities will be provided by Snakes & Wizards.

Camelia jump

We wish to celebrate a few of our particularities and school interests through some special competitions: Marvel Universe Treble Reel (2nd edition), Blind Hornpipe and Family Ceili Special. You are encouraged to explore the fun possibilities these competitions offer, as well as the infinite possibilities that the Marvel Universe has to offer, so let your inner super hero/super villain/mutant rise to the surface!

In the Blind Hornpipe the judges are facing away and listening to the beats, so you have 16 bars to convince the judges that you have the best timing!

Don’t forget to share the feis experience with some of your family members in the Family Ceili Special. All first places will receive trophies and everyone in the beginners reel competitions will receive a medal. Top three places in Open will receive sashes and all special competitions winners will receive a specially handmade Superhero Kitten! We wish to show our appreciation to all for their support, so all teachers/school representatives will receive a Bucharest Feis 2018 attendance diploma addressed to their school.

Experience up-close the renowned Romanian hospitality throughout the feis experience and take advantage of your trip to explore the city of Bucharest. We can arrange for our guests free guided tours to key sites and monuments, upon request. Don’t forget that Romania has the fastest internet connection in Europe, there are numerous locations to offer free WiFi, including feis venue, so don’t be shy with your online updates of the Bucharest adventure!

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you or your dancers might have. We are very eager to meet you in Bucharest soon!

Yours respectfully / Mise le meas / Cu respect,

Mara CERNAT, TCRG - STEYsha School of Irish Dance

Mara Cernat - TCRG

STEYsha School of Irish Dance is home to Mara CERNAT, TCRG - the first and only certified Irish Dance teacher native to Romania. We are at the same time the only Irish Dance school in Romania registered with CLRG and RTME and are sister school with ISTA School Poland.

For more information about our school, please do not hesitate to visit our website: www.steysha-dansirlandez.ro or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/STEYshaID.

STEYsha opened in January 2011 and has had permanent classes ever since. Our school hosts Irish Dance classes in Bucharest and our dancers have already attended numerous Mainland Europe feiseanna, as well as grade examinations and locally we have a very close relation with the Irish Embassy to Bucharest, as well as a big part of the Romanian - Irish Business Network.

Through our classes and public displays, we are paving the way towards the spread of Irish Dance in our capital city and we will soon expand our activity to other cities, to help expand our dance form to more parts of Romania.