Bucharest Feis 2022

Special competitions

Transylvania Land Treble Reel

Special Competitions

  The topic of the Treble Reel Competition is Transylvania Land. Explore the rich Romanian lore and turn into a ghoul, a vampire, a folklore damsel or young prince, a woodland creature or a fairy tale character.

  Dancers are required to dance 16 bars down the line. For every age group, once the last person down the line finishes his/her step, all dancers will dance together a basic treble reel step (1-1-3-1-1-3) twice. This last part is just for fun and will not affect their placement.

  This is a freestyle competition, so use of hands and costumes to impersonate their chosen idea are encouraged. Present us with your best adapted steps and impersonation!

Blind Hornpipe

  Competitors in the Blind Hornpipe may dance in any of their competition outfits. Dancers will perform 16 bars down the line. Speeds will be 130 for Beginners/Primary and 113 for Intermediate/Open. The judges will be facing away from the dancers and judging will be made on the dancers’ timing and rhythm.

Family Ceili Special

Special Competitions

  Share the feis experience with some of your family members!

  The Family Ceili Special is also a freestyle competition. The teams can consist of siblings, parents-children, husband-wife, cousins, grandchildren-grandparents etc. There must be at least one true dancer in the team (non-dancing family members may compete). The competition is aimed at celebrating the strong family bonds within our schools and to give the opportunity of sharing a feis experience closely with dear family members.