Bucharest Feis 2016

Sponsors and Partners

We thank Ireland-Romania Network, Romanian-Ireland Business Association and the Irish Embassy for their support in putting together the events that helped us fundraise. We thank all the individuals who, throughout the St. Patrick's Day Ball & Rugby Event 2017 have contributed in the fundraising for Bucharest Feis 2017: Nigel Bell, Violeta Cenușă, Narcisa Andrei, Charles Vernon, Colin Lovering, Kazi Ushioda, Marina & Tiarnan OhAimhirgin, Holly McFall, David Hayward, Jula Ana, Mike Rowland, Amber Garcia, Ion Udrea.

Should you wish to be our sponsor for next year’s edition of the feis, please contact us through e-mail or by phone. The same requirements and offers apply to our feis sponsoring needs yearly. For the sponsorship documentations of Bucharest Feis 2017, please see the below attached documents:

Mapă de sponsorizare (română)

Sponsorship package (english)

We give our thousands thanks to our partners and supporters who helped us make the event possible:

Media partners: to be announced...