Bucharest Feis and Grade Exams 2023

Syllabus and Rules

Welcome to STEYsha School of Irish Dance’s sixth edition of Bucharest Feis (2023), in the capital city of beautiful Romania, the only CLRG feis in the South-East of Europe.


1. Maire Mhic Aogáin, SDCRG, Ireland
2. Christine Maguire Duignan, ADCRG, Ireland
3. David Moore, ADCRG, Ireland


Kristián Fišl, Czech Republic​

Here is what is new this year:

-We are adding a third floor and a third adjudicator;
-We are running Preliminary Championship alongside Open Championships;
-We are offering separate Adult Championship;
– Recognition of the top Preliminary dancer in each Championship age group;
– Parade of Champions with the top three dancers and the top Preliminary dancer from each Championship age group;
– New Treble Reel theme to finish our transition towards becoming the cat-feis: Catlandia

  For all details pertaining to Bucharest Feis 2023, please consult the below attached document (syllabus and rules).


  Registration is now closed. The registration deadline was October 15th, 2023.

Online registration via feismaster.eu

  Payments on the day of the feis, in cash (RON or EUR, at the rate of 1 EURO = 5 RON). There will be two separate tables at the venue for payments and picking up dancer number cards: one for the international competitors and one for the STEYsha School entries. Should a school need to pay via bank transfer in advance, please contact us.

Rialacha NaFeis - Feis Rules

Regional Council of Continental Europe and Asia Feis Rules

– Bucharest Feis 2023 will run in accordance with the Rules of An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha.

– Bucharest Feis 2023 is an Open Platform feis, so entries will be accepted from dancers currently registered with An Coimisiún, as well as entries from those not affiliated with CLRG. This feis has been granted special permission to use Open Platform Status because it is a Newly Developing CLRG Area.

Grade Competition Rules

1. Beginners Grade competitions are confined to dancers who have never won 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize (please refer to the grid) in any competition for that particular dance.

2. In Beginners Grade competitions only basic steps may be performed.

3. Primary Grade competitions are confined to dancers who have never won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize (please refer to the grid) for that particular dance other than in Beginners Grade.

4. Intermediate Grade competitions are open to all dancers who have not previously won 1st or 2nd prize (please refer to the grid) for that particular dance in Intermediate, under the same or higher age limits. If a dancer in Continental Europe and Asia wins in Intermediate, they advance to the next level for the rest of the calendar year. Teachers can move dancers back at their own discretion at the start of the next calendar year.

Number of entriesNumber of dancers to progress
5 or less0
6 to 101st and 2nd place
11 or more1st, 2nd & 3rd place
5 or less0
6 to 101st place
11 to 201st & 2nd place
20 or more1st, 2nd & 3rd place
5 or less0
6 to 101st place
11 or more1st & 2nd place

5. For all Beginner, Primary and Intermediate competitions (excluding trophy competitions, Treble Reels and Blind Hornpipe competitions), the 32 bars method will be applied. Two and three hands are danced to 40 bars of music. Ceili and figure dances are subject to the rules applied at Oireachtas. 

Music speeds

BeginnerPrimaryIntermediate / Open
Light Jig
Single Jig
Slip Jig
Heavy Jig

Special Competitions & Championship rules

6.Beginner, Primary, Intermediate & Open Trophy Competitions: Dancers will dance 16 bars down the line in their chosen dance(s).

7. Traditional Set Dance competitions: dancers will have a choice out of 7 traditional dances: St. Patrick’s Day, Blackbird, Job of Journeywork, Garden of Daisies, King of Fairies, Jockey to the Fair & Three Sea Captains. If a dancer wins a first place in any traditional set dance competition, that dancer moves on the next level in all 7 traditional set dances.

8. Preliminary/Open Championship:

  • The Bucharest Feis Preliminary/ Open Championship will be judged by 3 adjudicators.
  • The Preliminary Championships will be running alongside the Open Championships. Preliminary dancers will be required to tick the Preliminary box upon registration, so tabulation can work out the Top Preliminary dancer result. They will appear in the overall result mixed in
    with the Open dancers in both solos and Championship, but we will recognise the Top Preliminary dancer in each age group.
  • All Preliminary and Open Championship dancers will be required to dance to 48 bars of music in the reel and jig and 40 bars in the slip jig and hornipe.
  • Adult Championship dancers will be required to dance 32 bars of music in their Reel/Slip Jig & Heavy Jig/Hornpipe and a traditional set of their choice.
  • Preliminary Championship U11: All dancers within this age group may choose to perform either a traditional set or a modern set for their third round. If within this group there will be any Under 8 dancers, they will be required to dance 32 bars of the Reel for the 1st round, the Single jig for the 2nd round and a traditional set for their third round. The top U8 dancer will be recognised and placed. 
  • All Championships will be judged as two solos and an overall Championship.
  • If there are more than 15 in the competition there may be a recall of 50% for the Modern Set round.
  • It is the intent of the Bucharest Feis team that all dancers get to perform their sets in preparation for the upcoming RCCEA Oireachtas, depending on the time and delays. We strive to give everyone a chance, but dancers are kindly asked not to contribute to any unnecessary delays throughout the entire feis day.
  • The Parade of Champions: the top three dancers from each Preliminary/Open and Adult Championship, along with the Preliminary winner, from each Championship age group will be invited back to dance a step down the line in soft shoe either Reel or Slip Jig.

9. Where there are 5 or less dancers in any Championship, placement will not affect grading.

Official CLRG Rules

10. The lodgement of an entry will be taken to mean that teachers and pupils understand these rules and undertake to abide by them.

11. Objections must be lodged in writing within one hour of the announcement of the result of a competition accompanied by a fee of 40 Euro, which will be refunded if the objection is upheld.

12. The Adjudicators’ decisions are final.

13. Only Feis officials may approach the adjudicators during competition sessions.

14. Age will be taken as on 1st January 2023 (whatever age you turn this year, in 2023, you dance under that age all year long, e.g., if a dancer’s date of birth is 29 May 2013, they dance under 10 in the year 2023). Evidence of age may be requested, therefore dancers should have a valid ID with them in the event of a query as to their age.

15. Competitors must be in costume and ready to dance 30 minutes before their competitions are scheduled. Competitors must also be in full dancing costume and dancing shoes for award ceremonies.

16. The dress code in accordance with An Coimisiún rules will be strictly observed. For the sake of modesty and in the interest of safety to young people, dancers will not be permitted to walk around the Feis scantily dressed.

17. All Beginners and Primary dancers of all age groups may only wear a class costume, simple dancewear or appropriate attire (skirt and top/blouse, simple dress for girls and ladies, trousers and t-shirt/shirt for boys and gents. Make-up is not permitted for any dancer in the first two grades up to and including the Under 12 age group worldwide.

18. The Costume Rules of An Coimisiún, as amended, also apply in Continental Europe and Asia; it can be found in the “Rules” section on www.clrg.ie for reference. Female adult dancers participating in competitions entitled “adult championship” and/or “adult grade competition” (both solo and team) are required to wear tights of a denier not less than 70.

19. Team dances (four hands and upward) must be performed as per the Coimisiún handbook “Ar Rinci Ceili”.

20. By entering in competitions, dancers (or their legal representatives, in case of minors) consent to their names being stated in the feis results and in the public Internet archives or any other feis entry/results system as may replace it.

21. Provided that dancers are not disturbed by flashlights or the like, photography and video recording by persons other than official feis photographers is allowed during Beginners and Primary competitions and during all award ceremonies. During Intermediate, Preliminary and Open competitions, ONLY the official feis photographer is permitted to take photos. Those who do not wish to be photographed should make themselves known to the Feis Organisers.

22. An Coimisiún has ruled that from 1st January each year, no block, en pointe, stationary or moving, be allowed to be performed for all ages up to and including the under 12 age group worldwide. The Under 12 Age Group will be allowed to toe walk from September 1st.

23. Within the limits specified in the Rules of An Coimisiún, the Organisers may at their discretion cancel or combine competitions with insufficient entries.

24. Order and quiet must be kept in the hall, particularly while competitors are dancing. Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode and any calls need to be taken outside the competition hall.

25. The Feis organisers cannot accept any liability for injury or loss or damage to property while on the premises.

26. No refunds will be made.

Extra Bucharest Feis rules

27. The topic of the Treble Reel Competition is Catlandia (everything cat). Dancers are required to dance 16 bars down the line. For all age groups, once the last person in the competition on all floors finishes their step, all dancers will wait 8 bars of music, then perform together the basic treble reel step (1-1-3-1-1-3) twice (16 bars). This last part is just for fun and will not affect their placements. The competition is freestyle, so arm movements are allowed. Costumes and portrayals of the chosen cat-themed character are also very much encouraged.

28. Competitors in the Blind Hornpipe may dance in any of their competition outfits. Dancers will perform 16 bars down the line. Speeds will be 130 for Beginners/Primary and 113 for Intermediate/Open. The judges will be facing away from the dancers and judging will be made on the dancers’ timing and rhythm.

29. The Family Ceili Special is also a freestyle competition. The teams can consist of siblings, parents-children, husband-wife, cousins, grandchildren-grandparents, several dance school families etc. There must be at least one true dancer in the team (non-dancing family members may compete). The competition is aimed at celebrating the strong family bonds within our schools and to give the opportunity of sharing a feis experience closely with dear family members. Teams are asked to perform between 16 and 40 bars of music.

30. Smoking in the venue, as well as right next to the access doors and ventilation windows is strictly forbidden. 

31. Following the GDPR rules, any personal information the dancers or their guardians provide to the Bucharest Feis team will only be used to communicate information pertaining to their attendance at this year’s feis. The Bucharest Feis team and STEYsha School of Irish Dance will not use or forward this information to any third party.