Bucharest Feis & Grade Exams

Travel and accomodation

Travel information

Travel to Romania

  All international flights land on Otopeni / Henri Coandă International Airport. Connections to the city from the airport:

  Express Bus 780* – connects with Gara de Nord (main railway station).

  Express Bus 783* – leading to City Centre. This line runs day and night.

  Taxi – order devices in the Arrivals terminal.

* special fare applies (3,5 LEI/pers/trip). The magnetic card valid for two travels costs 7 LEI.

** http://www.bucharestairports.ro/en/transport

Getting around the city

Getting around the city

Public transportation (by bus/ trolley/tram):

  Regular fare is 1,3 LEI/person/trip. We use electronic card system, upon purchase there is a small fee for the card itself. Best option is to get an Active Non-nominal Card (Card Activ nenominal) and charge it with the amount of trips you need for everyone in your group (max. value to charge at once is 50 LEI) and enjoy your trips. Not all stops have a ticket booth. For every person in your group, please validate by pressing button 2 on the machines in the bus.

  Please allow plenty of time for this option, as there is not so strict schedule. More information on STB website (the Transportation Society of Bucharest). There is also the option of purchasing day ticket or Express Line ticket through SMS (details: http://www.ratb.ro/sms_new.php).

By subway:

This is the fastest way to get around. For Grade Exams the stop is “Gara de Nord” station. For the feis venue the stop is “Petrache Poenaru” station. Trip cards available: 2 trips (5 LEI), 10 trips (20 LEI). We would recommend the 10 trips card, especially for groups. More information on Metrorex website.

By taxi or Uber:

Lots of taxis available, but we recommend you order yours, not take it from the streets. You can look for Star Taxi app or Clever Taxi app, they are compatible with any device and there is plenty of WiFi anywhere, so you can order one. Uber is also very accessible and a preferred option by most of us.

Car rental:

There are multiple options, including car rental booths right in the airport.



  Experience up-close the renowned Romanian hospitality and take advantage of your trip to explore the city of Bucharest. Upon request, we can pair you up with some of our dancers for free tours to key sites and monuments. Don’t forget that Romania has the fastest internet connection in Europe, there are numerous locations to offer free WiFi, so don’t be shy with your online updates about the Bucharest adventure!

  Bucharest is the capital city of Romania, there are numerous options for accommodation, so please feel free to look them up and opt for what suits your needs best. Should you need help deciding, don’t hesitate to contact us. For dancers or groups under very strict budget, we can arrange free accommodation in the homes of our own dancers and maybe in our studio (sleeping bags needed). Please feel free to ask about this.

Some of the options could be:

– within walking distance to the Feis Venue: Ambiance Hotel 3*

– close to the Grades Venue: Hotel Ibis Gara de Nord 3*, Friends Hostel

– close to the City Centre: Hotel K+K Elisabeta 4*, Pura Vida Hostel, Bauhaus Bucharest Hostel, Hotel Capitol 3*, Hotel Casa Capsa 4*

Hotline: should you get lost and/or need any directions, please contact: Mrs. Andreea Zodie – tel: +4(0)723.136.452